Phishing emails… Don’t take the bait!

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I’ve recently had a few clients email me asking if an email is genuine or not – as they weren’t sure!

I asked them if they could take a screenshot of the email or forward the email to me so I can take a look; upon looking at the email, it was clear to me that it was a phishing email trying to gain login details to your email address. I can however see this could be alarming to the user as it was saying emails were being held… You want all your emails, right?!

Phishing EmailAs you can see by the screenshot. It might look like an email sent from the website server – it’s not… It’s lying to you! It’s making you scared that you’re missing emails so wants to scare you into putting your login details.

Don’t worry – no emails are held by them, they have no access to your emails, server, etc! This is an attempt at trying to gain access to your emails.

Take a look at the actual email it was sent from “postmaster@smail143…” – that doesn’t seem very legit, nor does it have any details of the server it’s on, who’s hosting it, proper contact detail. Just some poor quality graphics trying to make it look professional.

If you are concerned by emails like this, before doing anything what the email asks, simply contact myself (or your website host) on an email provided on their website (don’t reply to the email you got sent). Simply ask the question – if it’s real, they’ll clarify that with you. If it’s fake, it helps raise the issue and they’re able to look into it… Exactly what I’ve been able to do!

If you’ve accidentally clicked a link, entered a password or as such. Let myself or your website know straight away and we’ll reset the password to the account and take measures to make sure your email, website and hosting is secure!

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