Photography in Helston, Cornwall

I’ve been doing photography for approx 10 years now after discovering my talent in secondary school after taking part in a photography competition.

After leaving school, I started up my own photography business in Helston, Cornwall. I started working freelance for myCornwall Magazine and Alamy News Agency – after getting my photography published in a few publications, I decided to start up my own market stall in Helston, selling photographic prints from myself and other local photographers.

Whilst selling photographs in Helston, I also discovered a love for event photography whilst attending Helstonbury Music Festival and various events around town.

I proudly shadowed Helston photographers Bob Sharples and Keith Richards at events to learn how it’s done. That was it, I decided event photography was truly for me.

2015, I started working for a design and advertising agency after being offered an apprenticeship with AM Design. I continued my photography passion with them, working with some awesome people and businesses.

Late 2017, my camera decided to break and I couldn’t afford to replace or fix it – I thought my photography journey was over, until Paul Turton, Al Rideout and Simon Stone from Helstonbury offered to purchase me a new camera to allow me to continue my photography journey, this also made me the official photographer for Helstonbury Music Festival.

I’ve also photographed The Masked Ball Halloween, Armed Forces Day (Porthleven), Porthleven Food and Music Festival, Helston Flora Day, Helston Christmas Light Switch On, Helston Makes It! Events, Heart:Beats Music Festival and various events in and around Helston, Cornwall.

I’m big into live music and enjoy photographing various Cornwall bands such as The Olives, High-Voltage Cornwall, Shabby Chic, Go! Go! Skank, The Roosters, Even Nine, Sinpusher, Stone Roots and various other artists and bands Cornwall is lucky to have!

Start of 2019, I ventured into product and portrait photography – doing various food and product shots for Ann’s Pasties and various family shoots in Helston. I’ve thankfully secured some locations in Helston where I’m able to do photo shoots.