Citizenship for Life Website

I got approached by Citizenship for Life as they built their website through a free website builder and just couldn’t get it looking or working the way they’d want it to. I’ve offered to build them an entire new website built on a WordPress(.org) based system.

The purpose of the website was to showcase what they’ve done, find out information about them and to promote what they’re going to be doing and what they’ve done. C4L also wanted to easily be able to login to the website and do updates themselves.

I based the website from their logo, using fonts that matched in with it and using colours from their logo. I made sure the website was easy to navigate around both on the computer and on a mobile. I put an events page on there so they can show everyone what they’ll be doing and what they’ve done – finally I gave them login details to the website and gave them a brief walk through of the back end of the website, though, they soon go the hang of it.

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